Navid Goldrick Oud Vancouver Canada

Navid was just a kid growing up, playing street hockey in a suburb in Canada when he discovered Iranian music.


What was so attractive about Iranian music for this Canadian kid?


He’ll never forget how excited he was when he first played a Persian Santoor (Iranian hammered dulcimer). It looked like a universe of it’s own… He was enthralled by the complexity of the strings weaving in between each other and the explosion of sound when you strike the strings.


Navid Goldrick Oud Vancouver




Growing up in Canada and in a dominantly Iranian family was culturally confusing for Navid, and that was obvious in his musical interests. Starting out on Santoor, Navid quickly picked up the electric Guitar, and then Trombone for a few years. It was during this time that Navid fell in love with the Oud, but couldn’t get his hands on one until years later.




Over two decades and after dabbling in nine instruments, Navid brings you the sounds of the Oud, (aka “Guitar” of the middle east). The Oud is Navid’s ultimate ambition. His music is a smorgasbord of composed and improvised music ranging from ultra-dynamic to the inner-meditations of the heart.


Navid performed Oud with various traditional Persian ensembles before studying Arabic and Turkish musical styles. Navid couldn’t continue without exploring the rich traditions of the Oud in various regions of the middle east. The style that has developed out of this is a synthesis of Navid’s upbringing in Canada in an Iranian family while being exposed to both traditional and popular music in his lifetime.


Navid’s first single, “Azadim – We’re Free”, is a break from the traditional. It’s a song primarily for bellydance. It’s the spirit of freedom and novelty meant to break you away from your shackles in whatever form they may take.


Navid teaches and spreads middle eastern music with the Oud to people all over the world through Navid regularly lectures, presents, and performs on the Oud with the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra. Navid is currently working on writing and producing his first album that will feature his own high energy compositions for Oud.


Navid’s inspirations range from different genres like heavy metal, rock and funk, to the sacred mystical music of the Sufi orders of the middle east. Navid has been greatly influenced by artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Jamiroquai, Simon Shaheen and Said Chraibi.